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Roses come in a wide range of colors.
Each different color has a different
meaning.  It sends a silent, yet ex-
tremely important message from the
sender to receiver. Make sure you are
sending the right message when you
select roses for someone, else he or
she will get the wrong message!

 you", grace, perfect happiness,
 and admiration
.Red:Love, beauty, courage   
 and respect
.White:Purity and innocence,
 silence or secrecy, also reverence
 and humility
.Yellow:friendship, delight,
 joy, gladness,  the promise of a
 new beginning
Red and White:Given
 together, these signify unity.
Red Rosebud:A symbol of
 purity and loveliness
.Dark Pink:
Appreciation, gratitude
 Desire, and enthusiasm
.Light Pink:
admiration, sympathy
.White Rosebud:
 Symbolic of girlhood
.Thornless Rose:
 Signifies "Love at first sight"



Here 's the answers to some of the most asked questions by shoppers.
If you can't find the answers, please feel free to contact us by
email: service@aliceflower.com.tw or fax : 886-2-2545-6253

Question1:Deliver flowers  areas  ? Holiday Delivery ?  Delivery guarantee? Order canceling?
Order security ?  Paypal available.?
What can I do if my computer doesn't work on Chinese? delivery not arrive?
Does Alice Florist operate her own website ?
Why is my order different from the picture presented on the web page?
About international delivery. (Base on Taiwan to everywhere.)

Do you deliver flowers to all areas in Taiwan ?
Yes, we do. But for some remote rural areas, we charge the fee of usUS$7-15.
We deliver flowers to everywhere in Taiwan.
Do you always deliver flowers on time?
Yes, we do. We can deliver flowers on time from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (but not specific time.).  we guarantee that all recipients will receive the flowers.
Do you deliver flowers on holidays?
We deliver flowers from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you wish us  to deliver flowers on holidays, you need to place your order  at least 2 day
 and phone call to confirm. (except for the Chinese Lunar New Year holiday.)
If I have any problems with the quality of the flowers, how shall I deal with that?
Alice Florist aims to fulfill our promise in providing services that completely satisfy our customers. If the recipients  find  that the flowers delivered are not fresh or damaged, please note to us within 24 hours and we will arrange for another delivery right away or we will give a full refund.
Can I cancel the order?
We can cancel your order up to 24 hours prior to the delivery date, please have your order reference number to hand, or write to us at info@aliceflower.com.tw quoting your order number.  if your gift is en route or delivered, we will be unable to cancel the order.
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