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Valentine´s Flowers in Taipei, Taiwan.,Alice Florist Taipei, Taiwan.
Valentine´s Flowers in Taipei, Taiwan.,Alice Florist Taipei, Taiwan.
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Leo Constellation Love fate of Leo Constellation, How to get help from Cupid when the planet Neptune is on the move in 2017?

With confidence and self-discipline while searching true love, and It will appear finally.
Valentine´s Flowers
Valentine Bouquet
Valentine Bouquet,Shine love
Valentine Bouquet-
Shine love
Valentine Bouquet,Cinderella Red Rose
Valentine Bouquet-
Cinderella Red Rose
Valentine Arranged flowers
Valentine Arranged flowers,Sweet Baby
Valentine Arranged flowers-
Sweet Baby
Valentine Arranged flowers,White Charming box flowers
Valentine Arranged flowers-
White Charming box flowers
Valentine Bouquet Box Gift
Valentine Bouquet Box Gift,Flower  poet
Valentine Bouquet Box Gift-
Flower poet
Valentine Bouquet Box Gift,Bear hugging red rose
Valentine Bouquet Box Gift-
Bear hugging red rose
Rose Bouquet 99 roses
Rose Bouquet 99 roses,Sweet Love 99
Rose Bouquet 99 roses-
Sweet Love 99
Rose Bouquet 99 roses,Green star dream
Rose Bouquet 99 roses-
Green star dream
Love Fate of Leo constellation
You will get love fortune when the planet Neptune is on the move of feeling in 2017. The help from Cupid is more powerful than ever. When the time come, the valentine of your love destiny will appear and keep you far away from the horror lover.
Leo constellation - (07/23~08/22)
Fire Element - Sun
With confidence and self-discipline while searching true love, and It will appear finally
Leo constellation has to stay low key in 2017. Because the Saturn is on the move to love zodiac, there are lots of difficult to torture their fate of love, it's an excellent chance for the Leo to light up others by using his or her strong Lion's heart, taking the opportunity to exercise love EQ and the initiative to care about each other.

The Jupiter is on the move to the family zodiac of the Leo constellation after mid-October, it's an excellent season to accomplish the plan of marriage, pregnancy and having child. Taking this chance to discuss with your companion for achieve the complete family of Leo.
Symbol of the royal style of gold, is the pursuit of noble lion life
Summer Love Song (Order Description)
Summer Love Song
(Large image)

(Order Description)

The white long stem roses with hand wrapped. It swathed with crepe wrapper and design as a simple nature way. Elegant simplicity white colour with the baby blue evokes a warm and sincere love, a perfect interpretation of a summer love song.

Sunshine blooming (Order Description)
Sunshine blooming
(Large image)

(Order Description)

The beautiful sun flowers bouquet with matching greenery and a unique design work as picture shown .(20 stalks as shown.)

M o n t h l y   C o l l e c t i o n
Valentine Arranged flowers-Pandora love-Taipei Alice Flowers
Valentine Bouquet-Cinderella Red Rose-Taipei Alice Flowers
Valentine Bouquet-Guardian Love-Taipei Alice Flowers
Valentine Bouquet-Blue classic-Taipei Alice Flowers
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